Punarbhavaa Sustainable Products


We called our-self as "PUNARBHAVAA SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS ( PSP)",the word Punarbhavaa is derived from one of the oldest language in India called Sanskrit and it means Rebirth as Recycle.

We as a team been working for long-time in the production of sustainable garments which is in the form of Fair-trade Organic,and we keep trying to make the garment as 100% sustainable package,we found the percentage of paper utilization is marginal in garment presentation and packing.So we small group from village had decided to produce recycled paper to support sustainable garment manufacturing to pack and present their garments in sustainable way.

Punarbhavaa Sustainable Products

There are more important reasons to produce recycling paper out of cotton fabric waste from the textile industry because,



Handmade paper is a solution to solve all our environment related problems-Its paper that doesn't utilize wood for its manufacture-is free from all chemicals and is dried using the most Eco-friendly means of energy-solar energy.The pulp used to create handmade paper is made from cotton fabric rags-the creation of the paper involves recycling of cloth and apart from this the paper itself is recyclable.


One ton of mill made paper cost the earth 270 trees or 400 bamboo plants

If it's so perfect,why isn't everyone using it?

Handmade paper does turn out to be a little more expensive compared to mill made paper because its not mass produced by machines like conventional paper.There is a greater cost involved in the long run when using mill made paper- somebody has to pay for all those trees being cut down and the damage being done to the environment.our forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate - trees are being filled by the millions to satisfy our need for wood and paper.

And we are looking forward to receive your support to run a 100% sustainable paper factory in Indian Village.